James Kahn

Rip Ford and the Texas Rangers

JANUARY 12, 2020 John Salmon Ford was a doctor, a lawyer, a journalist, a Confederate Colonel, the Mayor of Brownsville, eventually a Texas Senator, and a renowned Texas Ranger. He got his nickname, “Rip” Ford, during the Mexican-American War in 1846, when he was assigned the duty of writing condolence letters to the families of …

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Vampires and Rabies

JANUARY 11, 2020 A good case has been made by some medical historians that vampires of legend were actually just people with rabies. Consider the natural course of someone infected with the rabies virus. The virus travels from the site of the bite along the nervous system, up to the brain, especially the limbic system. …

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José Agustín Quintero

Jose Quintero, the Confederate States of America Consul to Mexico

DECEMBER 20, 2019 Jose Agustin Quintero was a Cuban revolutionary who fled a death sentence and escaped from the Spanish, coming to America in the 1850’s. He went to Harvard, got a law degree, was a poet, translator, and philosopher, becoming friends with Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Quintero crossed paths with Jefferson Davis in social circles …

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New Developments

A big nod of thanks to Tony Rodono, who designed and developed my new website, which is awesome and looks way above my pay grade. Also, within the next couple months I have two novels coming out. The first, Timefall, is the third and final volume of my sci-fi fantasy adventure (After World Enough and Time, and Time’s …

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